PACE is a consulting firm that works collaboratively with clients from all sectors to advance initiatives that are sustainable from environmental, social and economic perspectives. We do this by providing strategic counsel, comprehensive stakeholdering and market positioning services.

Whether their expertise is in energy, transportation, community services, planning and development, infrastructure, or another facet of sustainability, PACE clients benefit from effective and workable strategies that enable them to successfully deliver their sustainable solutions. The cornerstone of PACE's practice is its ability to understand the dynamics and intricacies that shape the agendas of policymakers and their stakeholders. We understand how governments, businesses, organizations and communities work-and more importantly how they work together.

At PACE, we understand an organization sometimes needs a fresh and experienced perspective on how to advance their business objectives. PACE can be that catalyst for action.

What's New ~ PACE has been selected as part of the City of Ottawa's last three Standing Offers for Communications and Marketing Services (2006, 2006 and most recently 2010)

PACE Consulting Adds Depth to its Consultation Practice
PACE renforce ses effectifs de consultation


Our credentials speak for themselves, but if you want further proof that a little creative collaboration can go a long way, take a look at some of the stories we've provided.