PACE is a consulting firm that works collaboratively with clients from all sectors to advance initiatives that are sustainable from environmental, social and economic perspectives. We do this by providing strategic counsel, comprehensive stakeholdering and market positioning services.

PACE assists clients that have a vested interest in projects and policy relating to sustainable planning, including: energy, transportation, water, waste, urban planning, and infrastructure. We do this by:

Developing & Improving Policy
Advising corporations, organizations and governments on how to consult stakeholders and to mobilize them to have an impact on the development of new public policy.

Enabling Policy & Ensuring Uptake
Creating buy-in for new policies and programs that result in their successful implementation and adoption.

Navigating Policy & Securing Policy-driven Procurement
Leveraging our deep understanding of government and public policy to advise clients on how to navigate emerging challenges, win business, and excel in new, sustainable markets.

PACE associates